Seller Services

RE/MAX is the #1 name in real estate across the globe, and affiliation with this company proves time and time again to be an asset. Our listings are immediately posted to over 70 websites. My creative marketing plan utilizes the latest technology to expose your property to millions of potential buyers by promoting the unique features and special qualities of your home. Since every home is unique, marketing strategies should be tailored to each property as well.

One of the ways I utilize the MLS is to make sure the write up is outstanding and keeps the buyer engaged through visual aids such as photos, satellite images, panoramic photos and a detailed floor plan of your home. In some cases, I include a 3D tour and drone photography for added perspective and additional views.

While most realtors offer a one or two-page flyer, I prepare an 8 to 10-page full color booklet with room by room description, room sizes, quality color photos (including aerial and panoramic photos), and neighborhood information. These inclusions are often the deciding factor in a sale.

Since the real estate market is always in flux with new properties being listed, price adjustments, and sales occurring, I keep you informed of any changes that could affect the sale of your home. I periodically refresh the write-up in your listing to make it look new and give you prompt feedback from showings.

Over the past 30 years in real estate, I have worked with a diverse range of clients and homes. My experience guarantees that I’ll be able to meet each client’s individual needs. I am well-versed in all matters of residential real estate and well-qualified to handle any unexpected situations that may arise. When you have a question, or need information on the progress of your sale, I will always be your point of contact.